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Dental Bridges | Dental Crowns

Dental bridges & Dental Crowns – New Global Dental Hospital, Tirupati

Often you might have hear someone complaining that my dental crown fell off or what might be the cost of Dental Crown.

So what are these : Crowns are the caps that are cemented to the existing teeth or implants

crowns restore the size, shape and function of the tooth.

Why Tooth Crowns are recommended¬† –

  1. To protect Root canal treated teeth.
  2. To cover discoloured or poorly shaped teeth for good smile.
  3. To replace missing teeth as a bridge.
  4. To covere dental implant


Dental bridges

These are the prosthesis that replaces missing teeth.

They can be of removable and fixed .

Fixed bridges can be tooth supported and implant supported.

Tooth supported bridgesThey cover the space where the teeth are missing and are cemented to natural teeth surrounding the space. For this adjacent teeth has to be reduced to place the crowns.

Implanted supported bridges– implants are directly drilled into the bone of missing teeth and crowns are place over it. No need to grind the adjacent teeth .

For the dental crowns cost varies based on material used like full metal crowns. Metal ceramic crowns , all ceramic crowns(zirconium)

All ceramic  crowns gives natural appearance to your teeth.

Tips for Longevity of crown: Well, it depends on good oral hygiene maintenance like brushing twice daily, dental flossing , regular scaling and follow up by dentist.

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