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How to cure tooth pain | Dental Pain Killer

Tooth Pain / Dental Pain Killer:

While watching your favourite Cricketer Kohli smashing a Six in the IPL and relishing on your favourite food, suddenly, you get that tooth pain which you hate and avoiding for long time.  Generally, this teeth pain can be intense sharp or throbbing  or dull pain. Its continuous or sometimes its intermittent like your time of snacking. Its may be so intense that you start googling tooth pain, tooth pain remedies, pharmacies near me.

To be honest you must be searching Dentist near me, best Dental clinic near me. Because, the short term Tooth pain remedies never treat the actual source of the tooth pain.  What are the sources of this Dental Pain

  1. Tooth decay – Common ones
  2. Trauma resulting in tooth fracture
  3. Severe attrition of enamel and dentin.
  4. Tooth mobility
  5. Periapical abscess / periodontal abscess
  6. Gum diseases
  7. Impacted and infected wisdom teeth

Even the factors what causing your tooth pain is also important to Dentists.

For example :

  1. Hot or cold stimuli can result in sensitivity followed by tooth pain. Pain may continue even after removal of stimuli.
  2. Pain on chewing food.
  3. Pain may radiate causing ear ache, headache, cheek pain etc.
  4. Any Swelling around tooth or swelling over cheeks.

To check what causes your pain, Dentists at New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati, use various investigation techniques.

Now, why recommending going to Dentists is the treatment. Because, we cant think of Dental pain while relishing on Biryani or IceCream in a restaurant. But treatments are varied. Treatments depend on what causing the tooth pain and the condition of teeth.

  1. If tooth decay was small without any pain, filling can be done. Thats comforting. 

2. If sufficient tooth crown structure is present, root canal treatment RCT is done and crown placement is preferred, generally.

3. If sufficient tooth structure is not present or if pain is due to infection of wisdom tooth or if tooth is mobile then tooth has to be removed and the lost tooth is replaced with crowns.

4. Antibiotics are prescribed in case of infection.

And finally, routine and prompt follow-up appointment with the Dentists at New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati, should relieve your dental pain quicker.


 – Take healthy diet with less sugars. You heard this several times.

– Maintain regular check ups with your dentist atleast twice a year.






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