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how to get rid of yellow teeth

how to get rid of yellow teeth – New Global Dental Hospital Tirupati

First, Let see what causes Tooth Discoration or yellow teeth..


  1. Fluorosis – Drinking fluoridated water in childhood or if a kid uses fluoridated tooth paste.
  2. Tetracycline antibiotics- Some Antibiotics can cause discolouration.. eg.. if mother takes tetracycline antibiotics during her pregnancy or if a kid takes these antibiotics before 10years of his age then there are chances of developing discoloured teeth.
  3. Genetics- Yes, Genes can pass it. Shade of the teeth colour runs in families. Any of your family members may have similar shade. Some developmental disorders such as amelogenesis imperfecta (improperly formed tooth upper layer, enamel), dentinogenesis imperfect (improperly formed dentin ) can result in discolored teeth
  4. Age – If, Dentin, inner layer to Enamel is exposed. With age, Enamel of the teeth worn with age can result in underlying dentin exposure which is yellowish in colour.
  5. Bruxisum – It means grinding teeth during sleep. Yes, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth. Because of this enamel is slowly erased resulting dentin exposure.
  6. Tobacco stains- Tobacco chewing or Tobacco smoking can cause Tooth discoloration.
  7. Tea and Coffee stains, soda- Yes, they can cause it. Pigments in these foods can result in teeth discoloration
  8. Carbonated drinks – Frequent intake of carbonated drinks (popular known Cool Drinks) can result in erosion of enamel
  9. Plaque and calculus- Improper brushing can result in deposition of plaque and calculus .
  10. Trauma- Trauma or Injury due to some accident makes the teeth nonvital (dead) that appears as discoloured.


Treatment of Discoloured Tooth:

Treatment depends on the source of Discolouration and extent of Discolouration.

Stains over the teeth surface:

Plaque, calculus, tobacco stains, tea and coffee stains can be removed by scaling and polishing. 

Certain extent of extrinsic stains (fluorosis, tetracycline stains) can be treated by whitening treatment. Others can go for veneering, all ceramic crowns or Zirconium Crowns.

We at Global Dental Tirupati, has all the advance equipments to provide treatments for Tooth discolouration. With our affiliated sophisticated Dental Labs we provide quality Crowns and Bridges and enhance your smile.

Stains inside the tooth structure:

Root canal treatment ( RCT ) is needed if tooth becomes nonvital. After that, Crowns are suggested.


We at New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati educate patients about prevention.

Prevention is better than treatment so better avoid tea, coffee, soda, carbonated drinks, fluorinated water and tooth paste, especially during childhood.

Proper brushing twice daily.

Avoid smoking and tobacco chewing. Avoiding them enhances your Oral Health