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Impacted wisdom Tooth

Impacted wisdom tooth – Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati.

Sometimes, in young people who are between 17 – 22 yrs experience pain, swelling in the last molar tooth region (Wisdom tooth region).

What is an impacted tooth: Partially or completely unerupted teeth is known as impacted teeth.

What Causes an impacted tooth – lack off sufficient space in jaw , displacement off teeth.

Generally permanent lower third molar(wisdom teeth ) are impacted.

It will not show any symptoms unless it is infected.

Food lodgement can result in decay of impacted tooth or adjacent teeth.

Infection to it can cause swelling of gums and cheeks , pain, headache and fever in severe cases unable to open mouth.

Are there any Complications:  In some individuals it can develop severe pathology like dentigerous cyst, tumours (ameloblastoma).



How to identify, observe or study these conditions: Dental radiograph suggest the condition of the tooth impacted.

Dentist prescribes Antibiotics and analgesics. if needed operculectomy is done and allow the teeth to


If the infection is severe then impacted teeth has to be removed surgically under local anaesthesia.

Treatment varies for other pathology like cyst and tumour.

These cysts and tumours will not show symptoms unless they are infected are causes severe bone

destruction. In such a conditions involved jaw along with tooth has to be removed . So delaying the

treatment can worsen .


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