Plot no 167, Above Yamaha Showroom, AirBypass road, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
+91 877 2287101, +91 9618269510

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near by dental clinic | Dentists near me | Dental Doctor near me

So why is Global Dental is the Best Dental Clinic near me | Best Dental Hospital near me

New Global Dental Hospital @ Air Bypass Road, Tirupati is the best dental care near.

New Global Dental provides all General Dental care services such as Teeth cleaning, Smile Design, Management of Tooth Pain, Crowding of teeth, Teeth whitening, Fixing missing tooth by FPD or RPDs, Zirconium crowns & Ceramic crowns, Root Canal Treatment, Kids Dentistry, Mouth ulcers, clips or Braces, managing Gum diseases, teeth related swellings and oral surgeries such as Wisdom tooth extractions, Minor jaw bone fractures .

New Global Dental also has Maxillofacial Surgery wing headed by Dr. Uroof, Director of Global Dental. Maxillofacial Surgery wing provides various services including management of Jaw Fractures, Face defects, Chin corrections, Oral Cancer, Oral swellings, Craniofacial Surgeries, Orbital fractures, Nose job (Rhinoplasty), and more..


New Global Dental also offers Dental Implant services. New Global Dental offers Implant services from wide array of popular Dental Implants from world-wide.


With these, New Global Dental also offers all these treatments and more at affordable prices. So, Quality Dental at affordable prices.


— New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati

Call us @ 08772287101 or 9182091817

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