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Some Faqs explained by best dentist in Tirupati

Is tooth removal necessary for Braces or Clips treatment ?

Tooth removal or extraction is not must for Braces. In case of tooth removal, several factors are taken into consideration for successful braces treatment .. such as there is not sufficient space between the teeth and teeth not positioned symmetrically on both sides etc.. then Orthodontist/Dentist will suggest you to go for tooth removal.

Dental Implant cost

Dental Implant cost is different for every case. It depends on number of factors – Type of the dental Implants, material & design of the tooth implants, number of implants.


How long will Dental Implant last.. Is there any expiry

Dental Implant involves drilling and placing a screw type made of Titanium into bone. Well maintained Dental Implant lasts a life time. Implants are placed so that it withstands the grinding forces well.


Best Dental Clinic for Dental Implants in Tirupati

When choosing for a Good Dental Implantologist, people tend to look for expertise and success rate. Generally, A well experienced Implantologist, who is also an expert Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, is certainly preferred. Dr. Uroof – from New Global Dental Clinic, Airbypass road, Tirupati – has expertise with many implant systems and operated several hundreds of cases. He is one of the leading Dental Implant surgeons who tours Kurnool, Cuddapah (kadapa), Hyderabad regularly.

Why Global Dental is considered as the Best Dentist in Tirupati for Wisdom tooth extractions

Does Wisdom tooth removal require a surgery ?

Every Wisdom tooth doesn’t need removal. And, every Wisdom tooth which needs removal doesn’t need Surgery. Wisdom tooth which have not fully erupted and stuck in the bone needs surgical extraction.

 Can dentists help solve bad breath issues?

Bad breath (halitosis) has many causes. Bad breath due to Dental and Oral health conditions is a common cause. Obviously, Dentist do help you to resolve the bad breath issue. In New Global Dental Clinic, Airbypass road, which has some of the best Dentist in Tirupati, we do take all your symptoms and check your Oral condition and assess the cause of bad breath. Then discuss the relevant treatment with you.

Is Root canal procedure painful ?

In most of the cases Root Canal treatment is not painful. The pain you fee is actually due the infection of the tooth and not because of root canal treatment.  Root canal treatment is done to get rid of the pain. During the root canal procedure ( RCT ) the tooth and surrounding areas are numbed and the procedure is done.
best Root canal treatment in tirupati

Does every Root canal treated tooth needs a Cap ?

Getting a Cap or Crown for a root canal treated tooth is not mandatory, but its advisable  as the tooth structure might have become brittle and chances of breakage is high. The crown is recommended in Molar and Before molar teeth region. While for the anterior teeth it depends on the tooth structure and also depends on case-by-case basis.

About New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati. 

Commitment towards Patient Education and Preventive Dentistry:

We educate and counsel our patients about the dental diseases, disease complications, treatment modalities. We emphasise the preventive part. Many of the dental issues and Oral Health related issues can be prevented or avoided. We stress the prevention part.

Utilising latest innovations in Dentistry:

In our Dental office, we try to provide the best and latest innovations in Dentistry.

Digital X-ray: 

Intra-Oral camera

Tooth colored restorations


Spacious Dental Clinic

Ours is spacious Dental Clinic with waiting hall, Rest rooms …